Autoclave Supplies

Autoclave Supplies
buste-rotoli autosigillanti

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  1. Sterilization Envelopes - 140x250
    Cod. BU140
    Special Price €24.16 was €26.84
  2. Roll for sterilization 55x200
    Cod. RO051
    Special Price €17.57 was €19.52
  3. Roll for sterilization 75x200
    Cod. RO076
    Special Price €21.96 was €24.40
  4. Roll for sterilization 100x200
    Cod. RO101
    Special Price €28.55 was €31.72
  5. Self-sealing Sterilization Envelopes
    Cod. BUSTE

    Starting at €13.18

5 Items

Set Descending Direction
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