Bazooka Power Supply

Bazooka Power Supply

Cod. AL09

Bazooka Power Supply è un alimentatore per macchine da tatuaggi (a bobina o rotative), testato e certificato in Italia.

Bazooka Power Supply for tattoo machines (coil or rotary), tested and certified in Italy.
Made with an aluminum body and non-slip base, is equipped with OLED display for easy reading and a high reliability touch screen.
The display is tilted for an optimal reading of the parameters during operation. It can easily be covered with plastic (no knobs) to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

The voltage (0-18V) is displayed in the middle row of the display, and is expressed in tenths.
Can be increased (+) or decrease (-) via VOLTAGE buttons.
The adjustment is 1 tenth with a single pressure or 5/10 with a long pressure.

The power supply allows the storage of 4 programs. With the button OPTIONS, you can store the preferred voltage for the program. You can change program by
tapping the desired program number.
The recording takes place with a long press of the same key.

The timer is displayed in the first line of the display and is expressed in hours, minutes and seconds.
It is activated by touching the TIMER and can be broken with a new button press.
Reset the timer with a long press of the button TIMER.

Continuous function
Continuous function is shown in the second line of the display, with a "C" on the right.
It is activated by a long press of the button CONTINUOUS.
With the Continuous function the dermographer is fed from the first pedal pressure until a new pressure.

Technical features:
Input voltage: 100-230Vac
Output Voltage: 0-18V (digital control). Tolerance ± 10%
Max output current: 2A

Delivery in 24 hours from receipt of the order (48 hours for the islands).
Couriers used: Bartolini, GLS, TNT or yours if you have a subscription.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the goods are sent by courier, upon specific request also with other carriers.
Shipment without cash on delivery € 5.90 up to 3 Kg - € 10.00 over 3 Kg up to 6 Kg
Shipping with € 15.00 up to 6 Kg
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