Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold

Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold


Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold (standard 4mm stroke length)

Stingray X2 - Rotary Tattoo Machine - Blazing Gold

A very quiet compact and light machine that is
By its low weight and its versatility.

We are pleased to present the further development of the Stingray machine. The X2 model is the sum of our experience in building tattoom machines in recent years and has led to a number of improvements.

1. New Swiss X2 engine. Exclusive for the X2 models. Hi-performance motor with 6W mechanical power. High energy efficiency (86%). Ideal for battery operation with the RPS-600. Performs all types of standard and cartridge needles *.

2. New, 4 mm stroke stainless steel cam. The standard cam has been replaced with a new 4 mm lifting cam made of stainless steel, to improve durability and performance when lining. Cams can be replaced as before. Four different cams are available for purchase as a kit. The new 4 mm steel cam comes as standard.You need tool kit No.90 for quick and easy cam change.

3. Easy to retrofit between standard and cartridge needles. When using cartridges, the stay up spring must be removed to prevent the load on the motor and to function properly. The X2 version has a cover on the frame, which allows quick access to the Stay up spring.

4. Stronger settings. New cap with built-in damper prevents rattling and excessive noise when you give the machine a softer settings. .

5. Higher precision and finish. The X2 models have some improvements in components, materials, and precision

core services
Light weight (80 grams)


few vibrations


Rubber bands are not necessary

Adjustable impact force

Adjustable stroke length

Suitable for standard handles, backsteads and needles

Compatible with cartridge needles

Both clipcord & RCA connectors

Works with most power supplies 0-13V

Normally, the needle stops in the upper position

No moving parts in contact with plastic barrier

Long life span

Ready for RPS-600

Delivery in 24 hours from receipt of the order (48 hours for the islands).
Couriers used: Bartolini, GLS, TNT or yours if you have a subscription.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the goods are sent by courier, upon specific request also with other carriers.
Shipment without cash on delivery € 5.90 up to 3 Kg - € 10.00 over 3 Kg up to 6 Kg
Shipping with € 15.00 up to 6 Kg
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