Thor Rotary Machine

Thor Rotary Machine

Thor Rotary Machine

New rotary machine with innovative design and functionality, ideal for all kind of works, from thin to wide lines, as a shader and a colour (infilling) machine.

THOR uses an innovative system with springs made of harmonic steel, to allow a perfect linear movement. Strike frequency and strength is adjustable. Change from soft to hard just adjusting the regulation: Regulation screwed for a hard strike strength, unscrewed for a soft strike strength.

Thanks to the fast connetion, you can change machine in a few seconds, by using different preseted bodies (Liner, shader, colour) with only one motor.

The strike length is variable and adjustable: 2,5mm, 4mm or 5 mm just by changing the eccentric tapper (also saled separately).

Extreme precise and lightly (weight: 100gr.), with an universal closure for all kinds of grips, from disposable to stainless steel grips and two hangers on the side to hold the needle rubber.

The machine includes:

  • Allen keys

  • flacon with oil for the machine

  • O-ring

  • rubbers for needle

Delivery in 24 hours from receipt of the order (48 hours for the islands).
Couriers used: Bartolini, GLS, TNT or yours if you have a subscription.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the goods are sent by courier, upon specific request also with other carriers.
Shipment without cash on delivery € 5.90 up to 3 Kg - € 10.00 over 3 Kg up to 6 Kg
Shipping with € 15.00 up to 6 Kg
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