Critical Atom Power Supply - Black

Critical Atom Power Supply - Black

Cod. CRI3B

Alimentatore Critical Atom

Innovative power supply unit ATOM made by Critical, with cromatic voltage regulation System:

Critical Atom allows a "by eye" regulation of voltage, thanks a different light color for every voltage value, simply by rotating a single regulation knob.

With the very same knob is easy possible :

  • Increase or decrease voltage
  • kickstart and stop the machine
  • changing pedal behavior (continuos or not)

100% compatible with every footswitch on market.

Equiped with a powerful magnet inside the base Critical ATOM can easily sticky to every metal surface vertical and horizontal.

Furthermore the high grip silicon coat of the base prevents Critical ATOM from sliding on wooden and plastic surfaces (tables)


  • 100% compatible with every COIL or ROTARY tattoo machine on market 
  • Powerful magnet and high grip plastic coat for great catch on metal and wooden/plastic surfaces
  • Single ad handy knob triggered by rotation/pressure motion for voltage and machine regulation and start/stop (footswitch not required)
  • Color dysplays the voltage (range 1.5 – 17 volt)
  • Pressure or continuoso pedal behavior
  • Feature "Jump Start" built in, for powerful rotary kiclstart
  • The metal coat of the ATOM is fully realized with anodized aluminium, available in black or silver color
  • Dimensions: 4.4 cm for  diameter of 7.3 cm
  • Company maker warranty  2 years
  • Box includes Atom+power supply adaptor
Delivery in 24 hours from receipt of the order (48 hours for the islands).
Couriers used: Bartolini, GLS, TNT or yours if you have a subscription.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the goods are sent by courier, upon specific request also with other carriers.
Shipment without cash on delivery € 5.90 up to 3 Kg - € 10.00 over 3 Kg up to 6 Kg
Shipping with € 15.00 up to 6 Kg
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