Sterilization Machine Europa B Xp

Sterilization Machine Europa B Xp

Sterilization Machine Europa B Xp

Sterilization machine EUROPA B XP

The machine allows to sterilize any metalliferous material,

with small cavities and also porose materials till a size of 100gr. (gauze, bands, etc).

All material can be packed and conserved steril 30 days.

The machine include an integrated printer, in order to print sterilization cycle.

The only recommended sterilization machine, fullfilling all standarts for tattoo artists.

Delivery in 24 hours from receipt of the order (48 hours for the islands).
Couriers used: Bartolini, GLS, TNT or yours if you have a subscription.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the goods are sent by courier, upon specific request also with other carriers.
Shipment without cash on delivery € 5.90 up to 3 Kg - € 10.00 over 3 Kg up to 6 Kg
Shipping with € 15.00 up to 6 Kg
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